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Our advisory services and asset management solutions help our clients to overcome their strategic and financial challenges.


Mergers and Acquisitions Value creation through acquisitions, sales or associations between companies.

A Merger or an Acquisition may involve the aggregation of complementary skills or expertise, the diversification of a company’s business lines or the partial or total sale of a company (or business unit) as a means of realizing shareholders´ financial ambitions or realigning their strategic objectives.

During the process we identify the strategic alignment between investors and sellers and the potential benefits of the operation, in light of the applicable tax, legal and regulatory aspects, among others:

  • Understanding the client’s business and growth strategy
  • Discussion of the mergers & acquisitions opportunities;
  • Definition of a suitable universe of potential investors or acquisition targets to be approached;
  • Development of the sales material to be used to present the company, its differentials and key personnel to potential investors
  • Research and organization of information on acquisition targets
  • Financial and economic valuation of the company;
  • Coordination of the due diligence process;
  • Negotiation of the terms of the contracts.

Typical operations include the partial or total acquisition of companies, the sale of equity stakes, mergers, the spin-off / carve-out of business units and joint ventures, among others.

Structured Finance Advising on structured finance transactions specifically tailored to the company´s characteristics and needs.

Structured finance transactions are tailor-made projects seeking to serve a client’s specific needs that are not capable of being resolved by the products traditionally offered by the market. Usually they aim at providing a company with greater liquidity or finance specific projects by means of instruments such as private investment funds or a combination of domestic and international debt products etc. 

Examples of the type of structure we develop are tailor-made Real Estate Investment Funds (FIIs), Equity Funds (FIPs) and structures aimed at freeing up liquidity, among others.

Capital Markets For companies seeking to raise capital or optimize their capital structures, maximizing shareholder returns.

Access to capital markets is fundamental to enabling companies to achieve their growth targets, through working capital finance, expansion of existing activities or investment in new projects, especially when internal resources are insufficient.  Cypress advises companies on how to access capital markets in amounts and with costs compatible with their needs, either by introducing new partners/shareholders (equity) or through debt capital markets transactions.

Equity – We advise our clients on preparing the company (internal organization, review of the business plan etc.), identification of potential investors, presentation to potential investors (prospectus and other descriptive material, coordination of the road show) structuring the transaction and negotiating the contracts. Among the typical operations are the raising of funds from Private Equity/Venture Capital investors, Private Placements and preparing companies for IPOs on Brazil’s “Novo Mercado” or “Bovespa Mais” listings.      Debt – Raising funds through debt instruments enables the company to optimize its capital structure, maximizing shareholder returns, besides maintaining the existing shareholder structure. We assist our clients in structuring debt instruments, including preparing for obtaining a credit rating, analyzing the most appropriate instruments and structuring the launching and distribution of the debt issue.  Among the typical transactions are debenture issues, and an array of asset-backed and mortgage-backed securitization vehicles such as FDICs, CRIs, CCBs and CCIs, among others.

Reestructuring & Turnaround Cypress advises companies to evaluate, restructure and stabilize their financial and economic performance.

We use our expertise to understand and evaluate the company’s capital structure, its business plan, and the organization’s current financial and operational momentum.

We apply our know-how to advise organizations, to develop and implement a corporate restructuring plan, from its elaboration, through the negotiation phase with creditors and suppliers as their final implementation.

Asset Management

Proprietary Investments Cypress converts its advisory fees into a company’s equity (sweat equity), in selected cases.

It is an alternative for operational companies that are aiming at a faster growth, willing to receive a new set of managerial practices as well as in need of a third party investment.

Our partners get access to Cypress deep knowledge and vast network that are instrumental to take the company to the next level

Private Equity / Venture Capital The Cypress Resource Management Area is formed by a team that combines expertise in structuring, prospecting and managing investments in Private Equity Funds and Venture Capital.

Our focus is on industries that we have expertise in acting and on companies with great potential growth and in which Cypress is able to promote relevant improvements and add representative value. We also offer structuring and fund management services aimed at enabling structured operations.

Our goal is to achieve high profitability in the medium and long term, always aligned with the objective of the quota holders, by clearly defining the thesis and strategy of investments, assertive definition of the business model and effective performance in the operational management of invested companies.





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