Grunenthal finalises acquisition of Laboratorios Andromaco

Provider: M-Brain

January 2, 2014 (07:32)

In Chile, German pharmaceutical firm Grunenthal has announced the approval of the public offering for all issued shares of Laboratorios Andromaco, which ended on 24 December 2013.Gruchi Limitada, a subsidiary of the company, acquired 81.59% of all issued shares. As a result, Grunenthal will have subsidiaries in: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Chile, Peru and Ecuador.

It will also have representation in areas including the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, Argentina, the Caribbean, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

In 2012, the pro forma revenues of both firms stood at approximately USD 450mn (EUR 327.24mn) in Latin America, with a combined workforce of 2,300 people.


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